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Learn how to leverage your mind state to have the upper hand in high stress situations, improve awareness of the body and increases enjoyment in everyday life.

We teach the Language of the body, the Science of living well and the Art of the breath

Pranic Strength offers an efficient and systematic approach to personal growth in a holistic process.

Using the following foundation pillars and sub-techniques.


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What is Prana?

Everything in life comprises of energy. Prana is known in Ancient Sanskrit as the Vital Life-Giving force. the concept of a divine life force is common across

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Hold on, chillax! We’re not trying to sell you on our product. Instead, here are some ladies & gents that will do the hard work for us.

“Before joining Reece’s class my thought process was that, the only way to get stronger is to workout till I feel dizzy. With Reece, I understood how proper focus, breathing, and coordination can have huge impacts on strength, size, and mobility without hitting a limit where my body is just burnt out” 

Eisa L.
Accountant & Taekwondo Athlete
“In this fast-paced world I feel like his classes give me a chance to take a moment and breathe. Reece taught me to listen to my body more and that doing things correctly is more important than doing things quickly. Attending his sessions helped me realise how effective it is to always engage the core through breath”
Dana G.
Equestrian Rider
“I've had the pleasure of working alongside and studying movement with Reece these last 2 years. His curiosity sparks confidence and creativity within his clients when it comes to their mental and physical health. Reece is an adaptable coach that lives what he teaches! He isn't afraid to step out of his skill set to develop his potential both in and out of the gym. I always look forward to the opportunities I get to move, educate, and inspire others with him.”
Megan Guth-Miller
Stress Management Coach