Our Objective


We all have to breathe anyway; so we may aswell breathe with intention, efficiency and ease. Utilising your connection to your own breath can improve awareness of personal anatomy, lower stress levels and increase mental and physical focus in any area of your life.

Trauma is something we all hold from passed experiences. Whether on the largest scale or the seemingly minor scale can hold us back from achieving our physical-health goals, self development and even can lead to limiting beliefs when pursuing business. Pranic strength has changed the lives off many of our clients by treating the body as a whole system. Fusing ancient and modern principles to elevate awareness and achieve clarity of mind for decision making. Utilising the breath as a catapult for progress in any areas of ones life.


Reece Dunn is a Certified Personal Trainer from London. Entering the Health & Wellbeing industry as Calisthenics Coach who found love for Movement Training and the Breath. 5 years of coaching calisthenics teaching world wide from London, throughout the Middle East and East Africa.

After exploring ancient & modern breathing techniques, movement practices, trauma release exercises from all over. He began to realise that the breath was the biggest secret weapon for his adult clients to battle fear of progress and limiting beliefs. With mind-body connection and injury rates decreasing rapidly in students, clients and athletes of Reece’s. He then Founded Pranic strength and now empowers those to ‘Honour our breath, become adaptable in any situation thrown our way and with a clarity-to do our best’.

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