The Simple RULE of Balance

We can’t know hot without cold, day without night, ignorance without wisdom…the list of opposites are endless. It is a useful tool for us to grasp the essence of the balance that is all around us.

Being Gentle yet Firm are the opposing forces that merge when becoming balance in training and generally any areas. To truly grasp this I must give some back story.

When I started teaching adult gymnastics and calisthenics principles in the Middle East 2 years ago. I was coaching 6 days a week and soon realised that adults hold a lot of physical, emotional and mental trauma which manifests into tension in the body. Spending time in one position demands the blood to circulate within the system when balancing still. Most people initially, myself included at one point, associate holding firm and still in the body equates to holding our breath. This was something my students were doing unconsciously and made me notice my own breathing habits.

Poor Breathing Habits When Training can cause:

    • Stress
    • Tension
    • Jitteriness in the Nervous system

These factors can begin to restrict range of movement at any joint and effect overall body alignment.

Alignment is very important for joint, ligament and tendon health.

Using the breath as the tool for calming the nervous system into a parasympathetic state and feel more comfortable in the uncomfortable. For Adults starting bodyweight training this is the unspoken obstacle for distributing tension throughout the body (which Reece runs a workshop on worldwide ‘Distributing Tension date list link’).

Benefits of Good Breathing Habits When Training:

    • Relaxation and warmth runs through the bloodstream
    • While on the edge of potential explosivity, balance and alert ready to move
    • Enhancing proprioception
    • Bringing a mental acceptance to the environment we always move within
    • Leading with intention while releasing tension.

So can anyone blend these qualities to experience powerful, dynamic and pain free movement?

Adopting balance within must start by understanding it’s basic nature

                           Feminine | Masculine

                              Balance |  Strength

                            Creativity | Action Taking

                                 Gentle |   Firm

Some more qualities in this photo.

Establishing a clear difference between these as sensations is great for the mind-body intelligence. To connect to these qualities is The Simple Rule of Balance, we must feel it to know it.

Some more Energy and motion are a constant as universal concepts we have applied through ancient energy cultivation practices like Qigong, Yoga and Martial Arts with western perspectives like Gymnastics, Calisthenics therefore assuring early on to establish a clear difference between them in sensation.

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