What is Prana?

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Everything in life comprises of energy. Prana is known in Ancient Sanskrit as the Vital Life-Giving force. the concept of a divine life force is common across many ancient cultures of the world. In India, it is called Prana, in China, Chi; in Japan, Ki; for Native Americans, the Great Spirit. These cultures centralized this idea of life force in their forms of medicine and processes of healing.

Harnessing the power of Prana

Prana rides on the breath & within the cells of the body. A strong circulation of prana makes a human being totally alive, alert and present while a poor circulation results in fatigue, brain-fog and sluggishness. The good news is – anyone can build this life force in the body to ultimately overcome illness, increase mental capacity and feel lighter day-to-day.

Innerstanding and Overstanding Energy & the Pranic Body

As humans, we can feel if someone is in our personal space without them physically touching us. That personal space isn’t visible and isn’t a tangible part of our body, but it is there! This is a way to understand our energy field. Prana resonates in our physical body and also extends to our energy field too.

How can we help Prana flow freely?

Prana can be cultivated in many ways such as a daily practice of Pranayama, Qi gong, Yoga, Dance, Mediation and more. The key is to be more mindful of the breath, that being said, ill leave you with this quote…